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Beijing day tour to see the flag in Tiananmen Square, visiting the Forbidden City

Date: 2013-04-03

Beijing,must-seeattractionsnecessarilyflag-raising ceremonyat Tiananmen, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, after the sea,798and so on.However, becausethis tripweonlyplayone dayinBeijing,so I chosethe first two-flag-raising ceremonyat Tiananmen Squarewatching, visitingthe Forbidden City.

Surely we allknow the dailyflag-raising ceremonyof thetime is notat the same time,it is necessary tocheck thegoodflagahead oftime.Julyflag-raising ceremonygenerally inheld around4:50.July 5morning,the four of usflew all the wayfrom thehoteltoTiananmen Square.Taking into accountthe flagearlier time, the nearestaccommodationis very important.Surroundingsomerelatively cheapaccommodationalley, away fromTiananmen Squareis alsoclose,isa good choice forthe majority of youngtravelersOh.Ceremonywas soon overthe matter,the square hasthe Great Hall ofthe People's HeroesMonumentand other attractions,visitors canenjoya variety ofpicturesin the square,pictures.Foursisterhad intended togoearly in the morningto see the