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Tourism strategy for the capital plan

Date: 2013-07-18

Beijing as the country's first provincial tourism comprehensive reform pilot cities, restructuring and development of the tourism industry is entering a crucial stage.This year "Travel Act" introduced, for tourism development provides a strong legal protection, but also for Beijing "Grand Tourism" development has brought an important opportunity.

"Sustainable urban development and transformation and upgrading of Beijing Tourism Forum" held recently in Beijing, the relevant leaders, industry experts, academics and industry executives brainstorming jointly discuss how to better promote the Beijing Tourism comprehensive reform, building a world-class tourist city, effortsBeijing tourism into an important pillar industry, construction, Beijing and the country people more satisfied with the modern service industry.

Tourism has become the promotion of urban restructuring, industrial upgrading an important engine

Gu Shengzu (NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Vice Chairman, Professor): The world tourism industry booming, from the perspective of exports has exceeded oil and automotive, electrical, became the first major industries.Country in 2009 in the international financial crisis, the tourism industry as a pillar industry.2006 to 2012, the domestic tourism income has steadily increased, the proportion of GDP has gradually increased, and tourism revenues grew significantly faster than GDP growth.

Wang (Beijing CPPCC Vice Chairman): With the changes in the world economic structure adjustment and transformation of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure as we must face and answer and select strategic issues.Tourism is both a traditional industry, but also the modern service industry; both low-carbon eco-industries, is also the leading industrial chain industry.

Liu Xincheng (Beijing Municipal People's Congress deputy director): In recent years Beijing tourism to promote tourism to develop the tourism industry linkage, from a single unit to promote comprehensive linkage to the department, from the social development of a supporting role to lead strategic industries "three changes" as the focalpoint to achieve a sustainable big development.Tourism has become the promotion of urban restructuring, industrial upgrading of the important engines.

Zhang Hui (Beijing Jiaotong University, Tourism Department, Professor): in 2000, the large-scale development of China's outbound tourism, the speed is not of any one country, and nearly two years have seen a decline in inbound tourism.Outbound tourism development depends on the domestic large-scale social and economic development, but it also shows domestic tourism product system, industrial system and quality of service, has been difficult to meet their needs.Meanwhile, the domestic tourism enterprises not accompanied by large-scale development of outbound tourism market "going out", from the spatial point of view, our country has no large-scale national holiday, the return from a labor point of view, employing return on labor is still in the industry's mostbottom.All this shows that China's tourism industry has to restructure.

Yu Ningning (China International Travel Service Head Office party secretary, president): With the rapid development of the national economy, China truly travel quickly from scratch, and become a pillar industry of the national economy, Beijing tourism industry at variouslevels of government under the care, also achieved remarkable results.Today, in technology and consumer driven, the tourism industry has also ushered in the development of structural adjustment and transition opportunities.

Sustainable urban development and tourism are inseparable upgrade

Wei Xiaoan (World Tourism Cities Association expert committee chairman, Professor): Discussion Beijing tourism transformation and upgrading, I have a point of view, the integration of urban and tourism: sustainable urban development will promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism Beijing, Beijing tourismupgrade will also boost the city's sustainable development.

To study the transformation and upgrading of tourism, the first is transformation in the core is systematic, in the previous single tourist-oriented system, into tourism, business, leisure, vacation, village, special tourism integrated management system.The second is to upgrade, to upgrade the core of the hierarchy, not all the pursuit of high-end, it should be "overwhelming" tourism system and the "indomitable spirit" boutique system combination.

Dai Bin (China Tourism Research Institute, Professor): We have 21 consecutive quarters of 60 cities nationwide to monitor visitor satisfaction, Beijing has always been in the forefront.As a general volume of the city, allowing hundreds of thousands of tourist satisfaction, Beijing made painstaking efforts.It is because of the concern for every ordinary person, only to Beijing has become a truly world cities possibilities.How do we evaluate a city is not the world's tourist city, is not a quality of the city with the world do?In addition to numbers, we can not be from some of the emotional place to think about.

Gao Shun Li (China Tourism News chairman and editor in chief, researchers): For this stage of the Beijing tourism industry to enhance the space and time is not primarily depend on the tourism industry itself, and more depending on the environment in which the tourism industry, such asLike the city's international level, support and promote the city functions, the city's new requirements on tourism.Transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry is not only a requirement, but also on urban development.