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Soda Green sing Beijing autumn new work will do six concerts

Date: 2013-08-30

Beijing Times News (Reporter Hou Yan) Universal Music's "Chinese music popular band" Soda Green will be held in September in Beijing held for six small concert, their new creative album "Autumn: The Story" will be held September 17th overall issue. Yesterday, Soda Green conference held in Beijing, Wu Ching-feng said, "Beijing is a city we most often to the album in the Beijing, in addition to a place where there is a conflict, it is culturally rich city."

September 6 to 21, will be green soda every Friday and Saturday in Beijing held six new live concert and the "Soda Green Autumn: Beijing Story" live performances. Because you want to stay for a period of time in Beijing, China Universal Music Global Managing Director of Greater China Wu Jialun who rushed to the scene, send gift "key", "Bus Card" and Beijing specialties as host welcomed Soda Green returned to Beijing home.

New creative album "Autumn: Story" has been produced. As a "Vivaldi program - Four Seasons Rhapsody" the first trilogy, the album will sing with the "Beijing" closely linked. Often to Beijing Wu's saying, "Autumn change is magical, Beijing is also a transition from the old, full of contradictions and very special city. Album, in the part of the text, I used to learn some of the Chinese Department of Chinese Literature some have put in.. "