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The world's largest lake yanxi carpet appearance in Beijing

Date: 2014-11-11

This morning, the APEC economic leaders' meeting was held in lake yanxi international conference center. APEC leaders sit together to discuss, don't know whether you note to field that full of Chinese elements carpet? This is not an ordinary carpet, it is currently the world's largest carpet, an area of 1108 square meters. Our reporter visited the birthplace of this carpet Jin Baohua carpet co., LTD. - Beijing, reveal "world first carpet" is born.
More than 8000 knitting
This carpet 38 meters long and more than 28 meters, wide appearance in order to adapt to the square of the room, with a total area of 1108 square meters, the pattern with Chinese traditional flower, xiangyun, ginkgo biloba for the element, color is given priority to with cream-colored color, match with the colors of red yellow green grain appearance is tie-in, the middle two laps is concentric circles, with a ring of peony and ginkgo biloba and xiangyun. This carpet is made in a 5000 square meters workshop, light beams have woven carpet 5 meters high.
Woven carpet will first hang special carpet backing on the frame, and such a large carpet, hanging beam positioning is very exquisite. Jin Baohua carpet co., LTD., chairman of Beijing Yang Lijing tells a reporter, this piece of carpet every 10 will knit line 28 step 26 cm square, that is the whole piece of carpet to more than 8000 under the needle, if a miss when positioning, it may damage the overall effect of the picture. In order to solve this problem, the process of weaving every 50 cm will have an anchor point, and every move time should be repositioned.
Deeply shallow there are hundreds of color
This carpet seems only red yellow green of three kinds of color, actually look, every flower every leaf color is gradient, through the demitint skills, make the design and color of the carpet soft, does not appear abrupt, very has the Chinese traditional aesthetic feeling. , general manager of Beijing Jin Baohua carpet Yang Meng introduction, monochromatic light wool line there are 38, coupled with the demitint wool blend, deeply shallow there are hundreds of color. Each worker in his responsible area must be accurate use of color, can ensure the whole piece of carpet has a uniform color.
"A 20 cm long blade, a line down, workers have to give the needle gun in line three or four times, and each leaf is made up of dozens of lines, demitint line color actually, workers' attention is highly concentrated, have to be a 'wire'." Yang Lijing said.
The carpet is not a taste
Light is "carpet in addition to flavor" before and after this, let them close busy for more than a month. Originally, from carpet production tasks at the same time, they also received a very strict requirements: environmental protection carpet to withstand international authoritative department detection, and can not have a flavor.
Yang Meng explained that carpet production, must want to hang on the back glue, so as to guarantee the effect of after carpet weaving wool stand firm and durable, but the traditional glue more or less have some flavor. In order to solve the problem of back glue is environmental protection, they took more than a month, joint research units successively five times test, finally developed a special kind of lamination, has passed the certification of APEC various strict air quality detection, finally make no smell of the carpet.
The whole piece of carpet weighed more than 6 tons
The carpet per square metre weighs about 5.5 kilograms, the entire carpet weighed more than 6 tons. Yang Meng introduction, woven carpet on beams, each operation is only 5 meters high, to complete an operation will need to adjust the valance, move can carry hundreds of talents.
Carpet weaving is completed, more than 100 workers took nearly five hours to develop this carpet shop ping, and then the more than 100 people in a row, cried out, the room for uniform roll up the carpet, the volume of process used for three hours. Transportation is a little bit of the carpet with the crane hoisting to 18 meters long steel truck, light truck loading to use more than an hour. When the laying of etc, it also have to work together more than 100 people.
"Carpet is too heavy, basically can only carry the shop again and again, if carry, the weight of the carpet itself is likely to be the carpet on the back of the adhesive fracture." Yang Meng said, after the carpet cleaning and maintenance of door-to-door service.