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Yantai to Beijing train in Shanghai at the end of the year One day from

Date: 2014-11-25

In shandong province as the first regional inter-city high-speed railway, smoke splendor is a commuter trains from Qingdao, yantai, weihai three new traffic artery, is a direction of jiaodong district urban agglomeration in Beijing, Shanghai important channel for railway passenger transport.
The rail opening, desirable. Learned from relevant departments that at the end of the year, the city is planning to open a list of yantai to Shanghai, three columns of yantai to Beijing train, at that time, the yantai people will be able to sit on commuter trains to Beijing, Shanghai.
Yantai train to Beijing and Shanghai have every day
No train, always belong to the soft rib of yantai, and the opening of the rail, the situation will break the yantai traffic delay, accelerate the exchange of personnel and logistics. At the end of the year, smoke splendor rail will be the official opening, only about three hours can arrive at jinan. More happily, according to the latest operation plan, plans to open a list of yantai to Shanghai by the end of the train, the three columns of yantai to Beijing train, then you can sit on the yantai people coming to Beijing and Shanghai. Shanghai direction starting from weihai north, a day to once, in yantai south stopping; In the direction of Beijing north in weihai and yantai SMW will start, a total of three columns.
To Beijing for about 5 hours to Shanghai, 8 hours
At present, yantai passenger trains to Beijing, Shanghai, is only one train, run time in more than 15 hours. After opening, commuter trains from yantai to Beijing just about 5 hours, only about eight hours to Shanghai.
Will be in cieme north jiaoji passenger access only
Many citizens will doubt, smoke splendor is not connected to the Qingdao, yantai and weihai commuter trains, how train arrived in Beijing and Shanghai? According to introducing, passenger traffic, will be sent to you by cieme north site access jiaoji passenger dedicated line across to jinan, to enter the national high-speed rail network, which is to persuade car can go between Beijing and Shanghai.
Debugging speed rail phase has been completed
It is understood that the October 21 cieme north to the southern section of yantai alignment joint-test DongJian car to reach a top speed of 275 kilometers, has initially operating conditions, the yantai south to rongcheng segment alignment joint-test has reached 275 kilometers per hour. In the next need to debug signals, yard, etc, and organization operation test, dynamic test and the relevant safety assessment. Debugging will be after the completion of the basic operating condition, to the end of jinan, yantai, weihai, rongcheng direction to prepare.
The jinan railway administration related department is trying to do a good job in project completion and acceptance of the organization staff and training, strive to smoke splendor year commuter trains opened smoothly.
Rongcheng city residents in weihai north bus
In the planning, weihai region in the direction of Shanghai and Beijing train north start in weihai, the citizens of the rongcheng is really have no way to take? It's not. Rongcheng and whedon's citizens can take directly to weihai north commuter trains, and then to weihai north direction of bullet train transfer to Beijing, Shanghai, middle to weihai north also do not need the outbound, is very convenient.
At the same time, the city of shenyang station, cieme north station, across a total lacey north station, laiyang station, haiyang north station, peach village south of the north station, Alfred chuang station, yantai, weihai north station, weihai, MouPing stop, east whedon, rongcheng station, a total of 13 station, jinan railway administration clearly defined, in addition to the shenyang station to Qingdao west train operation depot management, managed by yantai train operation depot, the remaining 12 station. At present, relevant departments have prepared to staff, training the work ahead of time, familiar with station equipment and other related preparation in advance.
Memorabilia commuter trains
In October 2010, the qing rong inter-city railway construction officially
In March 2011, tunnels, Bridges, began to control engineering construction
On June 30, 2013 main girder
On January 15, 2014, smoke majesty start track-laying commuter trains
On March 18, 2014, formally on zhifu frame beam commuter trains
On June 23, 2014, "in the province of the first tunnel" formally completed stand mountain tunnel
On August 1, 2014, main to complete all the frame beam
On August 25, 2014, main to complete all the track-laying
On September 20, 2014 cieme (excluding) to the southern section of yantai power and traction power supply, communication engineering, signal
On October 1, 2014, green RongZheng line began to alignment the joint-test