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Beijing APEC surprises to our world Asia-pacific trade show vitality

Date: 2014-12-26

Beijing comprehensive global times reported 】 【 APEC economic leaders' meeting for the first day of the harvest is not only 21 economies leaders smile, in the annual "family" also harvest a lot of surprise.
10 in the morning, the first good news from both China and South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) is substantive negotiations ended, which means that Chinese consumers will buy cheaper south Korean cosmetics; Noon came Chinese President xi jinping, brief meeting with Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, is considered sino-japanese relations in stalemate after more than two years for the first time to break the ice; Afternoon, U.S. President barack Obama in APEC's speech gave China a package: not only did he announced to relax restrictions on Chinese to study, work visa, also stressed that the United States welcomes "peace and prosperity of China" and broke the outside of China and the United States will "compete for spheres of influence" scenario assumptions at the meeting.
As AFP said, a two-day Beijing asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) is a rare opportunity, it allows countries to temporarily ignore the geopolitical conflict and promised to get along and trade integration. 10 dinner please APEC leaders simple and efficient "look" over dinner party, shows a new China's leadership style of work. France les echos commented that if the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing organize sports event's amazing ability to show, now it shows "has come to the center of the world".