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The fourth city seminar was held in Beijing in the future

Date: 2015-01-11

China news agency in Beijing on November 11 (reporter 11 闫晓虹) industry experts stressed that in the fourth session of the future city seminar on urban sustainable development is vital to the future economic growth and modernization of China, and environment-friendly city construction is design of one of the most important factor.
The China international economic and exchange center and the American foundation for Mr Paulson called for global construction standards and energy efficiency expert, industry practitioners and policy makers, held in Beijing in 11 of the fourth "future city: modern Chinese urban sustainability" seminar, the theme of the seminar is "construction in the 21st century: optimization of building performance, build a sustainable future", in order to discuss best practices and effective methods to promote energy-saving building.
Participants believe that the single biggest source of global greenhouse gas emissions is building energy consumption, accounting for 40% of the global energy emissions. In China's new urbanization planning, total building energy consumption and business building area is expected to double in 2050. Fortunately, from now to 2050, the majority of new building energy consumption and emissions almost do not need to cost can be avoided. Using existing technology and design method of new building energy efficiency can be increased by 30% or more.
In a keynote speech, shenzhen mayor hsu explores the construction energy conservation strategy of the city. Awards ceremony, held on 10 hsu on behalf of the shenzhen international low-carbon city project, accepted Mr Paulson's foundation and the China international economic and exchange center and the sustainable development of the planning project award.